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Life and its purpose


  • Is your heart longing to feel love for God?

  • Are you seeking a place where you can go deeply within to meditate on the Divine?

  • There is a place in Tarzana where you can come to experience inspirational chanting meditation based on the eternal Sanskrit Scriptures of India.

  • Join us for Satsang meditation, chanting, arti (a holy ritual from India) every Sunday night at 7 pm.

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Address: Radha Govind Dham,
5530 Donna Avenue,
California 91356
Phone: 818-403-3270.


Daily Words of Advice

All the Saints and scriptures stress that the name should always be remembered or chanted with selfless love; only then it will sprout the seed of Divine love that lies dormant in the heart of the devotee.

Get Involved!

There are so many ways to get yourself and your family involved in Radha Govind Dham Los Angeles:
  • •Attend weekly satsang
  • •Experience our sublime lecture series', retreats and devotionally charged celebration of all the major Hindu festivals
  • Donate or Volunteer
  • •Join us on facebook