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Radha Govind Dham Los Angeles Life and its purpose - Radha Govind Dham Los Angeles

Life and its purpose


  • Is your heart longing to feel love for God?

  • Are you seeking a place where you can go deeply within to meditate on the Divine?

  • There is a place in Tarzana where you can come to experience inspirational chanting meditation based on the eternal Sanskrit Scriptures of India.

  • Join us for Satsang meditation, chanting, arti (a holy ritual from India) every Sunday night at 7 pm.

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Address: Radha Govind Dham,
5530 Donna Avenue,
California 91356
Phone: 818-403-3270.


Daily Words of Advice

Increase your longing for Krishna's vision to such an extent that without His vision a moment feels like an eon.

Get Involved!

There are so many ways to get yourself and your family involved in Radha Govind Dham Los Angeles:
  • •Attend weekly satsang
  • •Experience our sublime lecture series', retreats and devotionally charged celebration of all the major Hindu festivals
  • Donate or Volunteer
  • •Join us on facebook