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August 30, 2016 / Posted by in Radha Govind Dham

Under the influence of recent technological progress, traditional ways of business development are being modified. In 1990s deal-makers were supposed to set up physical data room to share certain confidential files with their partners or they were supposed to hand all the information from hands to hands during face-to-face meetings. But, with the appearance of virtual data rooms, a new way of documents sharing emerged.

A virtual room is digital environment for digital copies of confidential corporate information and the entrance to the virtual platform can be opened for some groups of stakeholders. Ordinarily, virtual data rooms are enhanced with sophisticated security system. That is why, you do not have to feel anxiety about data leakage, misuse, unauthorized sharing, loss, destruction, etc. Data protection is guaranteed by such options as data encryption, regular backups, dynamic watermarks, virus scanning, two-step user verification, firewalls and some other advanced tools inherent to high-quality virtual rooms.

Along with military-level security, a VDR is also known for constant accessibility: you can enter the room whenever it is convenient for you all over the planet and keep on working even without your PC or laptop via the mobile application. Thus, you have an opportunity to exchange information with your international partners, investors, employees, etc. without any additional efforts and that the fulfillment of the operation is permanently in progress: you are not obliged to take time-consuming business journeys and to contribute to personal meetings. Also, if you exploit virtual platforms for deal-making you are allowed to comment on all the files directly within the platform with the help of Q&A section. >>>

In addition, a virtual platform offers you a highly functional environment. The virtual repository is ordinarily equipped with a variety tools that accelerate and enhance the course of the deal. Hence, you will not miss pros offered by progressive search options, filtering options, in-document linking instruments, by integration with Microsoft Office. All these instruments allow you to use the virtual data room without any efforts, to adjust the virtual room to your own projects, to investigate information directly in a virtual data room. So, a virtual platform provides you with the workspace that is identically suitable for communication with the stakeholders and for for your own data storage.

When it comes to cooperation, you are not expected to be anxious about opening numerous virtual rooms for different operations. The virtual room gives you an opportunity to divide those who have an access to the room into diverse groups and to share selected files with certain groups. Thus, one VDR is sufficient for simultaneous accomplishment of separate deals. Also, all the room visitors can work with the documents at the same time and none of the deals is left behind due to the virtual data room being overcrowded with the visitors dealing with the other operation.

Moreover, when using a VDR you always know what takes place in your virtual platform: activity tracking function registers all the actions that take place inside the room. Thus, whatever a user does within the virtual repository – view, download, modify documents – it is written down and reflected in an audit report. The report allows you to identify the most active visitors, to observe actions of your employees, etc.

Additional special feature of virtual repositories is that you can make your platform consistent with your company’s image by embedding logos in reports, emails, other letters, by designing your virtual room in specific colours, etc. So, by purchasing a specially designed resource, you make your virtual repository represent your firm on the Internet to all the stakeholders all over the Earth.

The traits named previously clarify to some extent why virtual rooms are becoming popular and why businessmen switch to the usage of rooms. These online repositories can be adapted to your deal’s requirements and make the deal run quickly and smoothly. Moreover, virtual rooms keep on being not that expensive and you always know that you are spending money on the options you require in order to achieve success. So, there is not a single reason to neglect virtual rooms and to remain loyal to old-school ways of making business. Progressive nature of virtual platforms will bring you new possibilities and open new horizons!

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